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Since 2007, Mongolian Diamond Tool has been forming strategic partnerships with domestic and foreign companies in establishing the trade and technology share within the Mongolian mining sector, helping bring the latest technological developments of the Wireline system drilling tools and providing the latest products of advanced drilling lubricants.   We continue to receive high ratings from our clients for our ability to fulfill custom orders of the newest technologically advanced products and tools.   We have successfully established distributorships and work to promote and trade the products of the following companies within the Mongolian mining community:
  • American Diamond Tool – manufacturer of diamond drill bits and related accessories
  • Control Chemical Corp. of Canada – a leading manufacturer of Matex brand environmentally-safe drilling fluids and lubricants
  • Varel International of the USA – manufacturer of blasthole and oil drill bits
  • American Manufacturing  - producer of exploratory drilling centrifugal pumps and interchangeable pump parts
  • Newpark Drilling Fluids LLC of the USA8 denker envionmentaly-safe Drilling Fluids, Coloroda
  • Coretell - borehole surveying for the Mining, Geotechical, Envionmental and Construction Markets.
For six years, we have partnered with the supply company, Oyu Tolgoi LLC.  We partner with and provide the products from the above manufacturers to many diamond drilling companies who operate in Mongolia including:

Major Drilling, AIDD, Falcon Drilling, Mongol Gazar LLC, Mak LLC, Brown Bear Drilling, Peak Drilling, Land Drill International, Rich Drilling Mongolia, Buleen Davaa, Erdene Drilling, and Erdenet LLC, MT Drilling, Mongolian Universial Drilling, TWB Drilling, Lyato Drilling, Brilliant LLC, Jorc Drilling, Perfect Drilling, Tanan Impeks, Elgen LLC
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